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About Us

To do this we built two arms of our company:

Our local team in the U.S. focuses on business development and client support.

In Africa (Kenya and Ghana), we operate technology hubs to support, develop and manage the growing talent in country.

We’re helping business in the U.S. grow cost-effectively and achieve great technological feats. Simultaneously , we’re providing immense opportunities for talented technology professionals in Africa.

As a non-technical founder who has built many profitable web brands, I know firsthand that you cannot accomplish goals and run your business successfully without the help of great developers and designers. Like most entrepreneurs, I don’t have those skills; so I set out to find them.

Finding U.S. based developers beyond my budget, I set off down the path of identifying the best programmers I could find overseas. I found lots of outsourcing consultants and freelancers in places like Brazil, Eastern Europe and India -- but I was interested in uncovering the untapped markets where my resources could go even further.

While traveling in Africa, I noticed an abundance of highly skilled developers with limited opportunities in their local markets. That’s when it clicked: I would create a technology outsourcing company to offer talented Africa-based developers to emerging U.S. companies in need of their services.

What to Expect

Partner with naya labs today and experience the benefits of top-quality software development at rates your emerging business can afford. You’ll be amazed at the level of expertise available in Africa, along with the security of working with a U.S.-based team who truly understands your needs – because we’ve been right where you are.

U.S. Services

Your primary contact at naya labs will be a U.S.-based Client Support Manager. This is a major difference from working with offshore-only providers. Our U.S. client support team offers both entrepreneurial experience and 10+ years of web and software development experience.

African Services

Each project is assigned to a lead developer at one of our hubs in African. Lead developers are always senior developers with exceptional communication skills. The lead determines the most efficient and cost-effective allocation of work to other members on your project and provides strict oversight.

24/7 Support

Your Client Support Manager and Lead Developer work in tandem to provide real-time support and keep you apprised of project status.

How We Assure Top Talent

We take a measured approach to structuring our team. We are constantly improving our team of developers to ensure you get the best work every time.

Our onboarding process is as follows



Developers apply to join our technology hubs and provide a resume and Github information for review. We evaluate the applicant’s experience and previous projects to determine if they will move to the interview stage of the process. We have high standards and only accept about 7% percent of applicants to interview.


The Interview

Personality and work ethic are important attributes for us. During the interview phase we’re looking to make sure the applicant fits our culture and checks all the boxes as they relate to work ethic, communication skills and time management ability.


Trial Period

Once we are feel good about a candidate we enroll them into our hub and allow them to provide support on ongoing projects. We watch closely to determine how they perform technically and work with other team members. The trial period give us confidence that they are ready to handle projects on their own.


Mentorship and Education

We provide mentorship and continual education at our hubs. Many of the developers are entrepreneurial and may also be working on start-up businesses of their own. We encourage and nurture this in our hub spaces. We provide mentorship and continuous technological training to help them advance their skills. Our goal is to have our developers move on to operate their own ventures full time within 2 years and make room for new talent.

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