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Our Process

Developing custom software is highly technical, but the project management process doesn’t have to be. At naya labs we use a simple yet effective process toward achieving our clients goals.

Here’s the process we employ for your success


Without the proper plan a software development project will be costly and time consuming. The process will include:

a. Conducting Questionnaires

b. Conducting Surveys

c. Generating Flowcharts


We’ll analyze the feedback and information gathered from surveys and questionnaires then make educated decisions about how to proceed with your project development needs.


In this phase we create the architecture of the project. We then share the the concepts with five (5) potential users and then make edits to the design based on user experience feedback.


The actual task of developing the software starts here. We identify the best developers for your project and create milestones based on your project goals and timelines. Each milestone is achieved in a ‘Sprint’.


In the testing stage we assess the software for errors and document bugs if they are found.


Once the software passes testing we maintain the production environment and update bugs and patches.

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